The Jenny Fund was created to carry on the vision of Jen Gureckis - a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, teammate, and best friend. 

Jen faced cancer with an unshakable courage and unmatched strength. Her radiant smile never revealed the weight of the 6 year battle against cancer.  She was focused on contributing all she could to finding a cure to brain cancer and selflessly supporting those closest to her.  

The Jenny Fund will provide support to the Mass General Hospital Translational Brain Tumor Research Laboratory, led by her Surgeon, Dr. William Curry. During our fundraising events, we will educate the community on Jen's character, the latest brain cancer research and new developments in treatment.  Also, basketball and helping children were driving passions of Jen's.  The Jenny Fund will combine these passions to support youth basketball and mentorship programs.   

Our Jenny is missed every day, but we will keep her vision alive with our Head Up and Heart Strong until there is a cure.